Thousands of feet were going as fast as they could, trying to hide in any dark corner or crevice; their sound muted by the harrowing scream coming from somewhere far above.  Loud stomps and shrieks dominated an entire family, echoed and permeated the beings below.


The rustling at her back gave her motivation to continue to find safety.  She crawled slowly, deliberately, trying to avoid any threatening movements or sounds.  It was so dark that any person without night vision would not be able to see.  She used this to her advantage, driven by fierce maternal instinct.

The rain was pelting the windows, and they would not be going out tonight.  This was an obstacle she would have to cunningly maneuver, as the sounds above reverberated throughout her entire body.  Her little feet ran as fast as they could and then stopped, waiting for a complete assessment of the situation before proceeding.  A light came on from above, and she shrank back behind the door, mindful of the continued pressure at her back despite her growing fear.

Loud sounds and crashes terrified her, as the rustling became impatient.  After a few moments, the light went out, and the door closed, leaving her exposed.  No one was there to see her, though, but through her terror, she took a few moments to realize that she was, again, safe to move forward.

Quietly running across the room, she stopped when the crashing started again.  A deafening noise followed by the light above her stopped her dead in her tracks, frozen in horror.

The scream was like an entire atmospheric event, and before she realized what was happening, the crushing weight of the newspaper struck her, her egg sac emptied upon impact.  Death had come before she realized what had happened, and her venture to safety was cut short by the persecuting fear from above.


“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’” – Mark 16:15[1]


Wolf Spider with Eggs

[1], 2017, Mark 16:15, retrieved from:


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