The Greatest Divide

“As to whether a soul is developed or retarded during a particular life depends on what the person holds as its ideal, and what it does in its mental and material relationships about that ideal.” – Edgar Cayce


As human beings, we are made to be self-aware and given the ability to choose in accordance with free will.  While there is no clearly defined line between right and wrong in most choices when referencing free will, there is a sort of moral compass which guides us to make the choices we do.  All too often, we later realize that we could have made a different choice that would have yielded more favorable consequences, and thusly, regret is born.

Our soul is dependent upon our inner moral compass, and can only exist in enlightenment when we are able to discern the likeliest consequences of the choices we make, acknowledging our self-awareness and the impact it can and does have on others.  This process, while seemingly tedious to young souls, is ultimately the process by which we all achieve our true connection with the Universe.  To live without regret means to make the choices necessary to achieve balance and harmony not just within our being, but within our community, our society.

Peace is possible only when people are able to freely express their inner thoughts, opinions, feelings, hopes, dreams, and desires.  Therefore, peace is an impossible concept, as there are too many definitive differences between every person to ever live and walk this planet.   The closest we can ever expect to achieve is tolerance, and that is only when people are able to refrain from judgment of their fellow human beings, even if they cannot personally identify with them.  Accepting people as they are, respecting their differences and appreciating their viewpoints is something that every person is capable of, but because of self-awareness and its proverbial double-edged sword, this is impossible as well.

No one knows everything, but we all like to believe we are the authority on ourselves.  However, when we fail to realize the impact we have on other people, we fail our very souls.  We create our own karma, and in doing so enable the fears we seek to destroy, allowing them to destroy us instead.  This is what makes us human.  This is what makes us tragically beautiful.


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