“Vampire’s Kiss”

Written 11/10/2004

Don’t stop…

Sinful, delicious, excruciating, perpetual

Spiral of agonizing sweet torture…

Animated pain through rose-colored

Lenses; vicious and gentle consecration

Of unholy lust burning within my

Sacrificial body given up for the

Gift of frenzied loving madness only

Known by twin flames’ love…

Burn me…

Watch me scream for your mercy,

Knowing there will be none; silence

Me with your tongue…

Don’t stop…

Wrench my hair back softly…forcefully

Fearful fascination reflected in my

Unwavering, hypnotized stare into

Your eyes…as you thrust harder

Between my thighs…

Pierce me…

Taste my flesh on my neck, take a

Generous piece and watch my spine

Take control of me, curving my body

Into you, into me…

My chest heaving from the floods

Of ecstasy…

Make me…


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